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Various musings, episode reviews, fanfiction, and other stuff, all about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel by The Deadly Hook and Chevy Impaler.

- Updates -

New additions to the fanfiction section: The Deadly Hook's The Reflecting Pool, a post-series short story about Buffy's dreams, and The Reflecting Pool Epilogue, if you want to see what happens after. Plus, Master and Slave won a runner-up award in for "Best PWP" at Love's Last Glimpse in their best of the year roundup. Huzzah!

Finally complete! Part 3, the concluding section of Does It Have to Mean Something?, sequel to Dirty Back Road, is up at last!

Love's Last Glimpse Nominee Yikes! We've really fallen behind on our updates, but never fear--there is still fiction in the works behind the scenes and The Deadly Hook's ficlet Master and Slave has picked up a nomination in the Love's Last Glimpse awards for the "Best Short Story," "Best PWP," "Best Buffy Characterization," and "Best Episode Stealer" categories. (This one's NC-17, so don't read if you're not.)

Two new stories up in the Fanfiction section - Master and Slave, a smutty "Does It Have to Mean Something?" outtake, and The Deep Dark Woods, an Angel/Fred birthday ficathon ficlet.

New awards for Dirty Back Road from a new Spike-focused community on LiveJournal, the Fool For Love awards - "Best Long," "Best Buffy" and "Best Spike." Thanks so much to everyone, and be sure to check out the site!

The Vampire Kisses Awards graced the WIP Does It Have to Mean Something? with a "Judge's Choice" award and The Deadly Hook with "Best Author." Thanks so much to everyone, from the mystery nominator to judges and any and all readers - the end of that story is coming soon, really!

Dirty Back Road is now a nominee at the Spuffy Awards - "Best General Long Fiction," "Best Buffy Characterization" and "Best General Author." Heavens!

New awards for the The Deadly Hook's story Dirty Back Road from the wonderful people at the Raison D'etre Awards: "Angst/Drama," "Romance," "Judge's Choice" on story, and a "Best Overall Author" award. The sound you now hear is the author blushing. Thank you.

My goodness! The Deadly Hook's story The Center won "Best William Characterization," "Best Long Story," made runner-up for "Best Angst/Drama" in the Raison D'etre Awards! The Deadly Hook also picked up a "Judge's Choice" author award. We're just... so abashed over here, really. Thank you, everybody.

The Deadly Hook's Dirty Back Road has been nominated in the "Best Long Story," "Angst/Drama" and "Romance" categories at the Raison D'etre Awards in the "Soulless Spike" round. If you haven't been to this site yet, check it out - it's Spike-centric, and organized around the various stages in his life, from human to vampire to vampire-with-a-soul. Good stuff!

Vampire Kisses Awards Nominee New nominations for Does It Have to Mean Something? at the Vampire Kisses Awards, for "Best Romance," "Best Long Story" and "Most Original Plot." The Deadly Hook is also up for best author. You people are just too sweet!

Love's Last Glimpse NomineeRaison D'Etre Nominee New story! The Center, a Spike/William POV sequel to the WIP Does It Have to Mean Something?. Runner up in the Love's Last Glimpse for "Best Challenge Response,"and nominee in the Raison D'etre awards, in the "Best William Characterization," "Best Long Story," and "Angst/Drama" categories.

We finally got around to posting cleaned-up versions of Does It Have to Mean Something? Part 1 and Part 2, the sequel to Dirty Back Road. A third and final part should be on its way, hopefully not too far in the future.

Since our last update, Dirty Back Road picked up a some awards: "Best Characterization" award from Love's Last Glimpse, and "Best Long Fic" and "Judge's Choice" from Vampire Kisses Awards. Plus, its sequel Does It Have to Mean Something?, work-in-progress currently continuing on The Deadly Hook's Live Journal, has grabbed a "Best Romance" award from Love's Last Glimpse! Our humble thanks to all of our wonderful readers. Now check out the story page to see the pretty awards!

Vampire Kisses Awards Nominee Aw, shucks! Dirty Back Road has been nominated for the Vampire Kisses Awards. You're too sweet, people. Don't make us get all misty-eyed and swoony here.

Love's Last Glimpse Nominee Now available for your reading pleasure: The Deadly Hook's latest cavalcade of literary fun, a sprawling epic that takes a certain pair of star-crossed young lovers on a wacky road trip to the exotic realm known as Bakersfield. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll remember why you loved and hated Season Six with the fiery passion of a billion suns. It's called Dirty Back Road, and we're pleased as punch to see it's been nominated for the Love's Last Glimpse fanfic awards!

Updated the Fanfiction section with brand-new stories by both The Deadly Hook and Chevy Impaler (originally posted on LiveJournal), and posted a revised version of The Deadly Hook's Season 6 Overview.

Unveiling the new, more easily readable site design. New pictures, new sections, and more soon to come. Take a peek around, and please give us feedback.

The Deadly Hook, having sworn to finish digesting Buffy's final season before plunging ahead into Angel, takes a deep breath and plumbs the moral sewer that was Get It Done. If you can make it through this one without hating the heroine, then odds are you're a bleached-blond vamp with a mother complex.

Filling the gaps in our Season 7 archive, The Deadly Hook ponders the plot-advancing extravaganza that was Never Leave Me. Buffy and Spike talk about their relationship, the ultimate enemy is revealed - and we try to get the most we can out of all this, because it's about all the explanation we're getting this season.

Two new items to debut - first, The Deadly Hook now has a LiveJournal. If you do too, check out this great series of LiveJournal icons created by Zerographic with our JustStakeMe! 'tude in mind.

Hello again! One day soon we'll have some new ramblings for you, but in the meantime, The Deadly Hook wishes you happy holidays and invites you to enjoy a fresh batch of desktop wallpaper.

I do not want you on the chair, I do not want you over there; I want you with me on the bed, because I'm messed up in the head. Buffy I am! It's mixed messages all around as we revisit Buffy's pre-penultimate episode, Touched.

It's taking us a while, but we're drawing slowly closer to completing our survey of Buffy's final season. This time, we take a look back at one of our very favorite episodes, End of Days. Oops, did we say "favorite"? We meant, you know, the other thing.

As alert readers may have noticed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is now, like, over. Your hosts will soldier on, pondering the show's conclusion and preparing to lavish some long-overdue love on its utterly loony spinoff Angel. But first, now that time has soothed our collective rage and bewilderment, it's time for The Deadly Hook to pass judgement on the final episode, Chosen. Tough but fair, that's our motto.

Three more episodes to go, and the Buffy saga will reach its dramatic conclusion. Praise Jasmine! In the meantime, The Deadly Hook observes our heroine at the apex of her egomania in last week's Empty Places.

What does it mean when Buffy episode titles begin name-checking muckraking tomes about the inadequacies of American history textbooks? That we can't say, but The Deadly Hook can fill you in on every other aspect of Lies My Parents Told Me, from Spike's mother complex to Principal Wood's complex mother.

Filling in the gaps, we rewind to Sleeper and see how Spike ended up as the Big Bad's unwitting minion. As usual, a catchy tune's to blame.

It's funny, funny Jane Espenson to the rescue! The Deadly Hook examines our fave writer's Valentine outing, First Date, and ponders whether our heroine is really over Spike. (Short answer: No. Long answer: Also no.)

And the hits keep coming! Here's the word on The Killer In Me, from Spike's theater of agony to Amy's magic rehab and Giles's camping trip. Plus, all the Kennedy you can stand!

The First Evil may be "in remission," but the new episodes are rolling out at a rapid clip! The Deadly Hook tags along with a look back at the Dawn-tastic Potential.

As we head into the proverbial February Sweeps - in other words, back-to-back new Buffy episodes for the next few weeks - The Deadly Hook plays catchup with a look back at Conversations With Dead People. Okay, now for some fresh evil...!

It's time for a smackdown, Slayer-style, as Buffy takes on the UberVamp in a steel cage deathmatch in the aptly titled Showtime. Meanwhile, Spike plays damsel-in-distress, Anya gets snubbed, and the First Evil provides room service!

Happy New Year! We bid farewell to 2002 by skipping ahead to the most recent episode, Bring On The Night, and The Deadly Hook has created a set of decorative wallpaper images for your computer's desktop. As for 2003, tune in January 7 for another new episode, portentously titled "Showtime"...

And moving right along, here's the lowdown on Him, which demonstrates that sometimes clothes do make the man...

This time we look at the new season's fifth episode, Selfless, in which a lot of folks get their hearts ripped out. No, we mean literally. Meanwhile, we explore Anya's past with singing and subtitled Swedish... but sadly, no subtitled Swedish singing.

Well, it looks like the Buffy crew are already overtaking us, but The Deadly Hook is playing catchup with an assessment of the succinctly titled Help. Meanwhile, with Angel on holiday hiatus, maybe we'll finally get around to that long-promised Angel Sock Puppet Theater...

Week three brings us adventures in the skin trade, as Willow and the rest of the gang conduct parallel pursuits of a paralyzing peeler. Read The Deadly Hook's reprise of Same Time, Same Place, and find out who's getting all sexy with Anya!

In this season's second installment, Beneath You, it's Tremors time as Sunnydale's finest team up to track down a dog-chomping monster. Has Spike really recovered his marbles, or is he just frontin'?

The episode analysis begins anew with as The Deadly Hook takes on Lessons, the Season 7 opener. This week, Dawn sees dead people!

You may have had about enough of Willow's hokey magic addiction, but we haven't. Next time you're revisiting the angst of season 6, play along at home with our handy Magic Addiction Drinking Game!

Buffy's (reportedly) happy and fun seventh season kicks off this coming Tuesday, and just in the nick of time, The Deadly Hook puts last year's grim saga to bed with a retrospective Season 6 Overview. Read it and weep!

At last, we've gotten around to installing a Guestbook, so you can now leave messages and comments for your hosts. Meanwhile, we're gearing up for the fall season, for which Chevy Impaler keeps threatening to do appropriately wacky Angel coverage...

Now that we're done reviewing this year's installment of the Buffy saga, your hosts are ready to venture their predictions for season 7. Check out these Wild Speculations from The Deadly Hook, and a tongue-in-cheek Psychic Sneak Preview by Chevy Impaler.

Willow's journey into darkness reaches its apocalyptic conclusion in the season 6 finale, Grave. Tree monsters, Satanic temples, magical duels, haircuts, and those three little words that can save the world - this one's got it all.

At last, here's our writeup on Two To Go, courtesy of The Deadly Hook. In the first half of this dramatic two-part season finale, Willow assaults Precinct 13, Spike fights a guy with flaming hands, and wrinkly Clem taste-tests nacho chips!

Just in time for the season finale, here's the lowdown on the wrenching Seeing Red. Now we're all caught up and ready for tonight's helping of Evil Willow...

We're still - still! - freaking out over Seeing Red, but The Deadly Hook has a writeup on last week's Villains for your enjoyment. And coming this week, the two-hour season finale! Bring popcorn. Evil popcorn.

Extry extry, read all about last week's weep-eriffic Entropy, now enriched with whimsical subheads.

Just in time for the next batch of new episodes, here's The Deadly Hook's assessment of All The Way, completing our coverage of Season Six thus far.

The Deadly Hook strikes again, delivering a detailed rumination on the money-troubles episode Flooded... plus a debut fan-fiction yarn, entitled Did You Cry?. Read it and weep!

Site launch! It's alive, alive! Check out our full set of Season 6 recaps in our Episodes section, where we think way too hard about the events in each episode and what it all means for your reading pleasure.

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